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David has been writing books since 1986.  He began writing prophetic words in 1997.  These books and words will encourage you to walk close to the Lord and increase your desire for personal and corporate revival.  Some portions of the books and key prophetic words have been made available on this website.


We would like to encourage you each week with current writings that we feel are important to pass on to you. (From David and other authors).

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David served the Lord in pastorates and bible college ministry for 27 years before he received his 1st prophetic word. In 1997, he began to give prophetic words that the Lord prompted him to write down, impressed that these were not just for one church or one time but were for the Church at large. These prophecies can be read publicly or privately for those who are hungry and have open hearts to know what the Lord is saying to the Church.

PROPHETIC WORDS-Group #1 - God's Call to Restore His Glory
God’s call to prayer and our own “face to face” relationship with the Lord. These first 18 prophetic words were given to bring revival to the church. They were to be written down and read to the local church and to the church at large that we might seek the Lord as never before. (Prophecies given in 1997 and 1998)
1st 18 prophecies
$5.00 + shipping and handling


In January of 1999, the Lord led David to go forth to other states, major cities, capital cities, step by step, wherever the Lord led. During that year, 52 prophecies were put in writing. PROPHETIC WORDS-Group #2 and Group #3 are those 52 written prophecies. These are calls from God to 100% surrender, setting aside all things, to love unlovely people, stern warnings to “successful” churches and church leadership, and a call for revival in every city, etc.
28 prophecies (during 1st half of travel ministry-1999)
$9.00 + shipping and handling


These are the second half of the 52 prophecies of 1999. They speak of God’s call to enter his rest, come to the feast, a call to the streets, to really know Him and His character, that we might take on his heart, his love, his tears for the lowly, strangers, and even the broken church.
24 prophecies (during 2nd half of travel ministry-1999)
$9.00 + shipping and handling


These 24 prophetic words written in 2000 and 2001 speak of pride, competition, idols, necessary suffering to make us like Him, how the Lord will revolutionize our church services and make us ready for Him to come to our meetings and lead them, to have a greater faith to do what He wants us to do, etc.
22 prophecies (during years 2000 and 2001)
$9.00 + shipping and handling


These 33 prophecies are the completion of the 150 prophetic words. We are to learn to listen to Him, we are to prepare a place for the Lord to come, we are to remain broken till the Lord comes, there will be more suffering leading to more anointing, what kind of unity and love is the Lord desiring, how the glory has departed from much of the Church, there will be a changing of the guard, and living stones coming together, etc.
33 prophecies (from 2002 to the present)
$10.00 + shipping and handling


We are excited to see that many others are hearing from the Lord the same things we have said here. Read what these authors and teachers (some from the past, some from the present) have to say and you will feel a kindred spirit with them. Many are saying what the Lord has been saying to you, these will help sharpen and clarify your thoughts. Some of the authors quoted are: Anna Roundtree, Nita Johnson, David Wilkerson, Jean Guyon, Charles Finney, Wendy Alec, etc
EXCERPTS from 25 OTHER AUTHORS- ENCOURAGING prophetic words and writings
$4.00 + shipping and handling



Desiring One Thing
We must ascend the mountain of God to get His fire in our hearts and come into a “face to face” relationship with the Lord. After 37 years of ministry, this is the one message David feels commissioned to give to the Church. This book is to prepare us for the individual and corporate revival that is now beginning. $8.00 + shipping and handling


Flee from Babylon
This is a strong word to all who have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church today. It includes 8 prophetic words to the Church and 8 chapters calling for us to come out of Babylon. The Lord is preparing His Bride even now to be without spot or wrinkle. $5.00 + shipping and handling


Without Love, We Are Nothing
The truths in this book will revolutionize the thinking and lives of every Christian. It is the heartbeat of how God wants us to live. You will learn how to protect yourself from being a part of a church split, a marriage split, and Satan’s tactics for destroying all relationships (including your relationship with God). These are powerful, end-time truths necessary for the Church to survive the days ahead. $5.00 + shipping and handling


The Best of Revival Prophecies (Book #1)
David chose these 17 prophetic words as especially significant (this does not include the 8 strong prophecies in the Flee from Babylon book). Since 1997, David has been prompted by the Lord to write down prophecies, being impressed that these were not just for one church or one time but for the Church at large. $5.00 + shipping and handling


Leaving Earth’s Gravity
The Lord has said again and again, “Clear the decks.” Our appointment books are full, we are too busy, even with legitimate things and “Christian works.” To escape the gravity of this earth and “the cares of life” that can weigh us down will take a considerable effort. We must empty our appointment books to hear “only what the Father is saying”, and do nothing but what he says. This will take a seeking with all our heart and strength and will result in a radical change in our way of living. This is what we must do to fly with Him where the eagles fly. $3.00 + shipping and handling


The Knitting of Our Hearts
There is a great lack of love in the Church. There is lots of superficial hugging and nice talk but where is the love that the world needs to see? Jesus said, “By this, all men will know that you are my disciples, by the love you have for one another.” This book goes beyond the superficial love of today, drops the masks, that we might have a deeper fellowship and closeness to each other (transparent, vulnerable, guileless) as the early Church had, so that the world will see God’s love. $3.00 + shipping and handling


Where is the Lord in Our Church Services?
The Church services in many churches are, for the most part, not led by the Lord or by the Holy Spirit. Our meetings are not acceptable to the Lord, for many are a mixture of Spirit and flesh. The Lord is on the outside looking in as we have substituted our things and they are hindering His things from coming in. This book shows that we must allow the Lord to guide our meetings 100%, and if he does not come we are broken until He does come. $5.00 + shipping and handling


The True Meaning of Salvation
This book gives a revelation that helps solve the “once saved, always saved” controversy. Strong, scriptural support is given as to how relationship with Christ is the essence of Christianity and the meaning of salvation. Knowing Christ and a living relationship with Him, this is salvation. His sacrifice on the cross and his blood open the door to the narrow path that leads to eternal life. $5.00 + shipping and handling