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WHAT DO YOU THINK about the excerpt below?

Excerpt from the book  WHERE IS THE LORD IN OUR CHURCH SERVICES? by David Nelson

What if the Lord said in a service, you are not going to start with songs today but with prayer at the altar.  There will not be one sermon today but many testimonies.  What if at today’s service God chose that everyone was going to prophesy?  Are people even accustomed and open to hearing from God and being used by God themselves in a service?  Is the pastor open to the possibility that today everyone is going to prophesy?  In I Cor. 14:23-25, it says that if an unbeliever comes to your church service and all prophesy he will be convicted by all, called to account by all, and the secrets of his heart will be disclosed, and he will do three things, “fall on his face, worship God, and declare that God is really among you.”  First of all, our services should be completely directed by God.  Are all who attend a service open to God that he might use them to prophesy?  Will the pastor allow a move of the Spirit like this?  Second of all, if the world is still asking, "Where is their God?", it must be because they don’t see the living God in our midst.  But this unbeliever mentioned in I Cor. 14:25, fell on this face and declared that God is really among you.  We must ask, where is the Lord in our church services?  The Lord is seeking for a church (or even more than one church) in each city where he can rest or dwell and where he has freedom to work all his works.  He desires that the Church and the world might see his glory to a much great extent, even greater than it was in the book of Acts.  God does not want 90% of what is going on in church services to be man-made and 10% God made, but he desires 100% his works and manifestations.

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