Prophetic Word-Missouri Camp Meeting 9-11-06 (October)
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Prophetic Word-Missouri Camp Meeting 9-11-06 (October)

Posted: 2006-09-11 14:50:26

This is the moment I have brought you to. In the next few days I call you to decide, will you see me alone, as never before?  Lift up your face to me and I will face you face-to-face as I did with Moses at the door of the tabernacle.  I confront you, my face to your face. Lay down before me and seek me. You may wait before me six days and on the seventh day I may speak to you.  In the next days I call you to make a decision, will you give your all to me?  I confront you now.

This is the moment I have brought you to, to bring you to your knees in total surrender.  All things that you have done to this point are under my scrutiny.  You know the things that I have pinpointed in your life.  The time is short.  There is a work that must be done.  I have chosen you to do it but there are others who will work if you should lag.  Whom have I to fill the gap?  I want to do this work through you. 

My call to you will take a laying on the ground before me, a continual invitation for me to remove what is hindering you, for you know not even all that must be removed.  I will come to you as a surgeon to remove things, desires, goals, longings that will hinder you.  As you lay before me and spend much time in my presence seeking to gaze upon me, I will be changing you, transforming you, transplanting into you new passions, feelings, and longings that will be after my own heart.

Come to me now, decide to have my complete transformation though you know not all that it will entail. Invite me to operate, transform, have my way, give me permission to do anything it will take to get you to where I want you to be.  Do not enter into this agreement with me lightly.  For surely I will know how serious you are before you do.  Press in over and over and over again to show me you are serious and surely you will see the beginnings of change that will in time be radical changes.  It is a great work I have for you and the time is short. 

I face you now face to face,  I call your name two and three times.  This is not a small step.  But I call you to complete surrender.  Lay down your life before me.  As my eyes look into your eyes and my mouth speaks toward your mouth, I will put my revelations into your mouth to speak.  You will speak the oracles of God.  The message of what I am thinking and revealing now must go out to others, to the person who knows me not, to the person who thinks they know me, and to strengthen the hands of the ones who I have already spoken this message to.  Yes, I the Father, am revealing my will more clearly then ever before and I want you to be free from all things to hear it from my mouth and speak it as my mouth.  If you are not free from all things more and more you will not have the holiness and anointing that must carry these words.  Yes, I call you all to be my messengers of my message for this hour to the church and the world.  All who I send you to must hear this rich message in my power.  This message will cleanse and prepare my Bride completely.  It is a sharp message, a two-edged sword message, it is fire, it will change people, it must be fire in your mouth but it must be carried by a vessel prepared by me with my heart and totally set apart in consecration.

I am waiting or you, I stand in front of you, I call you to make this decision.  Lay down all things.  Open up to me to change all parts in your inner man. If you say yes with all your heart and you come to the place of really meaning it, I am ready now to do this that I desire, you will see and feel my changes, keep on this narrow track every day and the changes will continue.  It must be your passion.

I want fire in your heart, I want fire in your mouth, I am the fire.  Run for me, seek sincerely, persistently, and hard after me.  Do not let up from this day forth.  This is my call to you.  I call you, I call you, I call you to this. 


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