Some thoughts on the serious times we live in
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Some thoughts on the serious times we live in

Posted: 2012-06-27 19:55:44 by: David Nelson

Some thoughts on the serious times we live in     by David Nelson     6-27-12

I haven’t written anything for a while but I want to share a couple of things that I have been thinking.

I read this verse in Luke 21:26 recently that jumped out at me: (some of this I am paraphrasing) Jesus said (as it gets closer to the end of the world and His return), people will be so troubled, perplexed, fearful, their hearts will fail from fear and the expectation of those things coming on the earth…. People are seeing more things happen on the earth and are starting to expect that more things are coming. It is not just Christians who feel that the world is entering a time of trouble but maybe a time of trouble that is the greatest that ever has been or will ever be. Non-Christians too through the news, programs on television and even movies coming out are sensing that we may be getting closer to the end that God predicted. God is warning everyone but we are to know better what it all means.

TWELVE (12) has always been a number that has to do with God’s government, God’s kingdom authority, and leadership. We are in the year 2012. Maybe that is just a coincidence. Someone shared with me that God is going to solidify more His government and His authority and His giftings and callings in His people this fall at the time of the Feast of Tabernacles (Sept., 2012). This seemed very important to me. The Feast of Tabernacles will be celebrated every year during the 1,000 year millennium it says in Zech. 14:16-21 and that everyone is called by God to attend it.

The U.S. presidential elections will be in November, 2012. People also are a little concerned about the Mayan calendar predictions for December, 2012 of the end of the world.

I am not one who sets dates. (but I do want to hear what people are saying through visions, dreams, or just what He is saying clearly into each person’s heart). Things could go on like they are for longer than we think. Could 2013 be a year where things really unravel??? Maybe, maybe not. Will we ever have to leave our homes and live in the woods? Don’t think that that could not happen. I am on the watch tower every day (by God’s grace) watching to hear what is the Lord saying. I hope you too are looking up to the Lord, getting closer to Him, and sharpening how to know and hear His voice. Let’s keep in touch with each other letting each other know what we are hearing from the Lord. Let’s be friends with each other who can connect with each other as these coming times may require this. Bless you all and love you all! Let’s keep talking.


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