"What Mormons Believe That They Do Not Want You To Know"
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"What Mormons Believe That They Do Not Want You To Know"

Posted: 2012-05-03 16:04:14 by: David Nelson

What Mormons Believe That They Do Not Want You To Know   by David Nelson   4-26-12

When Mormons come to your door as missionaries they want to present to you the best picture of what they stand for. They can share a lot of attractive “truths.” But they are taught not to say anything that will “scare” you or “surprise” you or cause you not to want to become a Mormon. They don’t want to push you away before you have a chance to come into their flock. They are taught that they can lie about what they believe to cover up things so that you will still want to come into their faith. They call it “lying for the Lord” or we must give you “milk before meat.”

Few people would want to become Mormons if they knew ahead of time how drastically different they are and believe from Christianity. Here are some of their core beliefs that they will deny:

Their god and father was a man with flesh and bone before he became god.  He attained godhead and now rules over the planet earth but he is still flesh and bone.  He cannot be in more than one place at a time, in other words, he cannot be everywhere at one time, or even be in two places at one time. This god and father of the Mormons had a father before him who brought him forth, and that father had a father before him that brought him forth. In other words, the god and father of this world had a father and a grandfather before him (and on and on back into eternity). The Mormons believe there are many gods all over the universe who each rule over their own planet. And so the Mormons believe that the “God of the Christians” and their god only rule over the planet earth. Their god and father has a wife where they create new spirit beings all the time. It is the goal of each Mormon to produce children here on earth and that someday they too will attain to godheadship, will produce spirit beings through eternity through one or many wives, and will someday be god over their own planet.

All over the universe are gods producing spirit children with their wives. These spirits will come to inhabit babies on new planets and then that god (man) will rule over that planet of men. Mormons believe that each person on our earth now was a spirit created by the god and father and his wife of this world and that when a baby is born those spirits come to inhabit that baby. Each of us existed as a spirit before we were born on the earth.

Jesus and Lucifer were sons of the Mormons god and father (they are brothers), but Jesus’ ideas about salvation were favored more by god. So Jesus had a beginning, he was created, he is not, according to the Mormons, without beginning like we Christians believe our God is.

The Mormons god and father was like an imperfect man at one time but he attained to godhead by getting better through following laws. Mormons believe they are to do the same and that each one will attain godheadship and rule over a planet by getting better, following laws, and will rule over a planet like their god now does.

They believe Jesus had wives when he was on the earth and had children too. (It is very important that Mormons have wives and/or as many children as they can for it will be their job through eternity).

There is no hell in their beliefs. There is no getting to the heaven where their god is unless a person joins the Mormon church and that they be baptized by them. All other Christian churches are wrong and are of Satan. There is salvation only in the Mormon church.

Again, Mormons will hide their beliefs or lie about their beliefs because what they teach is not accepted by normal Christians. But many things written today were written by former Mormons who got out of that cult and became real Christians. One very good book that is like this is “Secrets Mormons Don’t Want You To Know” by Richard and Cindy Benson (Publisher is Chick Publications). Mormons are a dangerous cult that the God and Father of the Christian faith wants to warn us about. They are heretical and not of God. They are not Christians.


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