Let's Gather and Seek God for Revival
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Let's Gather and Seek God for Revival

Posted: 2011-08-25 11:56:41 by: David Nelson

Let’s Gather and Seek God for Revival    8-23-11    by David Nelson

Let’s get together once-a-month to seek revival!  Many of us are busy with our jobs, families, or hobbies. Of course, jobs and families are important but the Lord also said  that the cares of life can get out of balance and detour us from doing God’s will and could choke out our fruit.  In one place it says that the desire for other things could hold us back. (Mark 4:19)  Everybody has 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; will you give some of that time to seek revival? The Lord's eyes are seeking to and fro through the earth for people who will make time to seek Him for revival.  He's ready to bless His people with a supernatural revival, to see and hear things from the Lord that will amaze us. Are we too busy or do we not believe He is ready and is waiting for us to come to Him?

The Lord spoke to me recently. He said we may talk with each other about what revival is, whether He will send it, and whether it is time to receive from Him a great move of God like we have seen in the past in the Church (like the Welch revival, like the 1800's Kentucky meetings, like Charles Finney's revivals in the East, like Azusa Street, etc.) But the Lord said to me you have taken it up with each other, now will you seek my face and take it up with Me?

And so I ask, Iowa, will you hear, from California to New York, from Florida to Canada (or any country), who will meet once a month to seek the Lord for revival? I am willing to do it and I am willing to come to where you are to encourage you and seek with you. Who will hear and step forward and say yes to this invitation from the Lord?  Remember it says in the Word that the Lord looked everywhere for someone to stand in the gap but He found none. As a prophetic voice I say the time is now, who will say yes? You may be meeting already and you may be on the road to revival and making good progress with the Lord but not very connected with others. But the Lord wants more than this.  It is God’s plan in these last days to have gifted people, sent people, connect with each other more and not think that ministries will remain separate.  It is the Lord's desire to bring people together even across the miles in these days and bring down the barriers that separate us. Then the world will see our love for each other and His great revivals will begin!

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