Tear Down the Walls
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Tear Down the Walls

Posted: 2011-04-08 09:27:25 by: David Stansell (with comments by David Nelson

This is a short vision but I believe very accurate. After you have read this vision I (David Nelson) will make some concluding comments.


"TEAR DOWN the WALLS" - A Vision
-by David Stansell.

I also had a vision in 2003 that spoke of a change in the Church.

I saw a red brick building.  It was a church building.  The roof was
rotten, the wood in the walls was rotten.   The remedy was to
remove all the wood in the building.  It needed to be replaced.  It
could not be repaired.

Well, this meant that the brick walls would have to be torn down
as they were not in shape to support themselves without a
connection to the wood.  In very poor shape.

So I saw the building reduced to the foundation stones.  I was ready
to see a new building build on this old foundation.

However the Spirit of God spoke.   "Take out the foundation.  It is
not substantial enough to support the building that I am ready to
build on this ground."

The building that God is ready to build (Bride) is to be so much
glorious than our present understanding.  However,  *are* we ready
for Him to take down the present building?  And take it down all
the way to the original dirt? Our human side wants to hold onto
something that is recognizable from our past.  It then becomes
that leaven that brings back all the old junk of the previous life.

Then I heard,  "I am looking for a 'General Contractor' who will build
according to the blue print."  Then I understood that He would only
entrust the construction of this building to someone who is fully
submitted to do all and not less that all that comes from the throne
of Heaven.  We are not the architect.  It is not our job to design
the building.

Shortly after the vision I was in Acts 5.  In verse 32, I was over-
whelmed with the truth that we do *not* have the ministry of the
HOLY SPIRIT because we do *not* obey his voice.  (Jer 7: 22)...

God is ready for His bride to operate in all the power that Jesus
had while He was on this earth (Scriptures say this) when we are
ready to relate to God the same way Jesus related to the Father.

As I look at church history, I see that God gave men truth and
they used their minds to ADD more truth. And then this new truth
brought death to the truth of God.  Where are the people who can
be obedient only to the simple truths brought by the Holy Spirit?


Now begins some comments that I (David Nelson) would like to add. What the Lord is doing now in His Church and what He is revealing is that He does not want any mixture of man-made and God-made ideas in His Church. The Lord wants more purity. And He wants His truth. There is corruption in the foundation, in the wood, in the bricks of the “church” we see, and it is all coming down. It says in Ezekiel chapter 13 that the “spiritual leaders” (prophets) over God’s people have spoken their ideas (lies) stating that what they say is from God but they are man’s ideas. They have built a wall and put the bricks together with untempered mortar (mortar that will break apart causing all the bricks to fall when the Lord’s winds, rains, floods, and hailstones come). Prophecy, says the Lord, to the “spiritual leaders” of the present, so called “church,” “This wall will fall.” (Ezek. 13:11) When the “church wall” falls surely people will say, “Where now are the teachings (the wall has fallen) and where are those who taught these things?” (Ezek. 13:12 and 15)


It says in Ezek. 13:14 that even some of the foundation teachings of “the church” will be seen for what they are, not acceptable to the Lord. Of course, there is some truth in “the church” but the Lord does not want His truth mixed with false teachings any more because of what He is now doing in His Bride. All spots and wrinkles will be dealt with. There is a righteous remnant that exists now. They do not feel they are better than others but they just want “what saith the Lord” and they have ears to hear only “what saith the Lord.” This remnant is sad about what is going on in the “church,” they don’t feel it is going right or teaching all that is right. The “spiritual leaders” seem to be saying everything is OK, and are saying to people who are not even close to the Lord, your OK, your saved. (Ezek. 13:10 and 22)


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