A Clarion Call to Gather
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A Clarion Call to Gather

Posted: 2011-02-16 20:26:35 by: Clay Sikes

A Clarion Call to Gather by Clay Sikes with comments by David Nelson

I read two articles recently, both written in January of 2011, and I’d like to share my thoughts with you.  Actually I feel this is a call from the Lord to us. As to how we are to do what is written below, the Lord must show us. First I’d like to call out to all who live in Iowa and who are willing to travel 75 miles (or so), please consider how we could gather in Iowa. After you read the following two articles, think about it and ask the Lord what He wants. I am willing to get together with people in Iowa if we can decide on a place where people may only have to drive 75 miles or so one way. I believe the Lord wants His people to get together. If you live in other places please consider how and when and where to get together with others of like heart in the Lord. I will be free to travel more extensively to other places outside Iowa in September of 2011. After you read these writings tell me what the Lord lays on your heart.

The 1st writing is entitled A Clarion Call to Gather by Clay Sikes (Hinesville, Georgia). I have edited, paraphrased and added my own thoughts from time to time below, so if you want read the articles purely as they were written in their entirety go to the web site www.lighthouseprophecy.org. I do not know all that brother Sikes stands for theologically but I liked this word he gave.

Here is the 1st article:

We are looking for “God called” gatherings and connections with God’s people. If you have a “nose” for this “word” sniff it out, go through the swamp or go through the brush, go wherever God leads you and find out what He wants. The whole creation is groaning for the manifestation of the sons of God. (Rom. 8:19) We are yearning as never before to see His Kingdom upon earth as it is in heaven. (I (Dave Nelson) do not necessarily agree with all Kingdom teachings today and I do not know what brother Sikes believes in this area either).

There will be a new power and authority released into the earth as the Body connects to the parts that it is called to be “connected to.” The Army of God is now beginning to make strategy for VICTORY, the primary focus of the strategy involves unifying the Body (bringing people together more) and joining the parts that are “called” to be JOINED. We must work to properly discern and join the Body properly. We are not to join with each other just for the sake of joining but rather a fitting of the parts that are CALLED to be joined. (Another way to say this is, who does God want to meet each other and who does He want to get to know each other? Because these connections with others will have real meaning in the days, months and even in the next few years to come. These people that God wants our hearts to connect with are not just to be for one weekend or just for a little time together but we may be working side by side for some of God’s important works in the future).

We must now allow the Holy Spirit to guide us to those who will have a part in ushering in our calling, purpose and destiny. It is critical to understand that this joining and gathering will not be done by man—man will only serve as a point of contact. The Spirit of God will deal with hearts with strong direction “to gather.” Spirit appointed gatherings have already begun on the earth. (We should ask brother Sikes where have these been? And when did they occur? I at least am interested in this).

Discernment will distinguish between what is a “good conference” and the real thing (the thing God is wanting to do)! The real thing may not look or sound like what our preconceived notions think it may.

Hirelings will fall aside as true sons emerge as God’s appointed leaders in the earth (the sons are all of us, each one will have critically needed giftings from the Lord. There should be no distinction between who is called a “leader” and the “least of the brethren.” All have their specific gifts and all are crucially needed. No one is above another).

This is the year of “Solemn Assembly” as the Clarion Call has been sounded. As the proper joinings are starting to materialize, more and more our Commander in chief will instruct us from His Oval Office. Is your desire to gather increasing? Are you longing to meet other remnant forerunners of like spirit?

The 2nd writing is entitled Kingdom Relational Gatherings and is written by Ron McGatlin. (I do not know brother McGatlin’s theological beliefs but his article seemed good to me, or at least it is something important we should consider).

I believe that God wants some larger gathering between individuals and between small groups to get to know each other. At this point the fullness of what God desires for these (larger) gatherings has not been given to me. But these meetings will begin to bring all the spiritual gifts and assets of each person and group into “ligament” type connections causing the strength of the co-joined gathering to be greater than the sum of the strength of the individuals or small groups by themselves. (I believe that each small group (or church) can function individually but the Apostle Paul did also work to relate groups in different cities to each other in some ways).

The many parts are NOT to be knit together through an apostle or an organization or any one person. The growing connections and relationships will be group-to-group or person-to-person only as led by the Holy Spirit under the headship of Christ Jesus. These will be grassroots, ground level gatherings between groups or individuals to connect with one another in Christ. These gatherings will not be the same as a one-time prophetic or worship conference but will establish personal, spiritual connections and continuing relationships between kingdom people.

If there are gifted apostolic or prophetic elders they will not be connecting people unto or under themselves or anyone or anything other than Christ Jesus and His kingdom. Every person is to be directly connected to the Head, Christ Jesus, by the Holy Spirit.

People and groups will connect in a very natural way (yet also a supernatural way) as the Spirit leads. This will be a relational network (like when birds gather (or flock) together in one spot though no one spoke over them or told them to do it. They did it without a visible leader). There is no specific design at this time as to how this will happen but the Holy Spirit will prompt us and guide us. 


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