The "Hidden Ones"
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The "Hidden Ones"

Posted: 2011-02-14 17:22:41 by: David Nelson

The “Hidden Ones” by David Nelson 2-8-11

I read this phrase the other day from another author (Andrew Strom) and thought it would be good to write about these who are called the “hidden ones.” I have heard a lot of encouraging words about people in the Body of Christ who have not been fully revealed, fully used in their gifts as yet, or who remain “hidden” and yet are accomplishing or who will accomplish much for the Lord.

Sometimes I wonder if these encouraging words are just “wishful thinking” (just what we want to hear) for those who are waiting to be used by the Lord or who have not been used to their fullest potential? Nevertheless, here is my encouraging word for the “hidden ones.”

Consider for a moment people in the Bible like Noah, Enoch, Abraham, Jesus, and John the Baptist. As God looked at Noah he received grace from the Lord. (“Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord”) (Gen. 6:8,9) Noah walked with God, was righteous before the Lord, and was a preacher of righteousness. (Gen. 7:1 and II Pet. 2:5) Enoch while he lived on the earth had this testimony, he pleased God. (Heb. 11:5) It says in the Bible twice, Enoch walked with God (he walked with God for 300 years). (Gen. 5:22,24) And God took him, he did not die. It is recorded in the Bible on 8 separate occasions that the Lord spoke to Abraham and it is written exactly what God said. God made promises to Abraham about how He was going to multiply him greatly and make him the father of many nations. But Abraham only saw with his eyes one descendant, Isaac. Abraham went where God told him to go, Abraham believed all God’s promises, and he was going to offer Isaac as a sacrifice as he was instructed to do till the angel stopped him. Everything that God promised him and said to him he believed. According to Rom. 4:18, Abraham’s life and experiences were contrary to what he was hoping for and believing God for. (he hoped against hope) But Abraham did not weaken in his faith (when nothing was seen with his eyes), he did not look at his old body (already “dead”) or Sarah’s body (also “dead”). He did not waver in his faith large promises God had made to him but grew stronger in his faith and gave glory to God. Abraham was fully convinced that the things God had promised that He would perform. And Abraham’s faith was considered righteousness. Even for us today who believe God when nothing yet has been seen of our dreams (or His promises to us), God will bless us if we hold on to the vision He has given us in our heart. Has He spoken to you as to what He has planned for you? (see Rom. 4:18-24) Abraham lived to be 160 years old and all he ever saw was one descendant, Isaac.

In Heb. 11:10-13 it says that Abraham waited to see the city which has foundations, whose builder and maker is God. Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, and Jacob all died in faith not having received the promises but having seen them afar off, and they were assured of them, and embraced them, stating that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth. They were seeking a homeland not yet attained, for they desired a better, that is, a heavenly country. And God is glad to be their God and He is preparing a city for them.
Jesus and John the Baptist (born about the same time) were both hidden for 30 years. Then they began their 3 year ministries (John’s was a little shorter than 3 years). And that was the total ministry they were required to do. That was their calling.

Noah preached and built an ark (and brought all the animals into the ark). Enoch pleased God and walked with God. Abraham believed everything God said to him seeing little in his lifetime. Jesus and John the Baptist had 3 years of ministry.
So now, look at your life, your ministry, what God has called you to do. What do you see? What results do you see? Do you know for sure how many lives you have touched or changed? Do you know how many souls you may have helped to get saved? Do people flock to hear your teachings, sermons, or musical gifts? Are you invited places for people to receive from your spiritual gifts? Does anyone ever congratulate you for what you do for the Lord?

Are you hungry and longing to be used more by the Lord and feel and hope that God will one day help you to break out of the “smaller things” you do and accomplish some “bigger things” for Him? You want to be used to your fullest potential for the Lord and do what you have always dreamed in your heart is your destiny (but it hasn’t quite happened yet). I think there are many out there who feel this way.

Joseph was 17 when God gave him dreams about himself but spent the next 13 crazy years waiting for them to start to materialize. David wasn’t even considered by his own father to be a some-day potential king. David went through a lot of years of rejection, hiding, waiting before God allowed him to really be the king, even though many years before he had been anointed and had been told you will one day be the king of Israel.

So, if you look at yourself and say, I think I am one of those “hidden ones,” be assured God has put a dream and a desire in your heart that will not go away. It is a desire and an ache in your heart to be all that you were destined to be. It may not all be unfolding according to your timetable but this is what God says to you and me, “For I know the many thoughts I think toward you and the plans I have for you, My thoughts are for you and not evil, plans of welfare to prosper you, not for calamity or to harm you, plans to give you hope and a good future (of My planning), and you will have a good, desired, and expected end result, and a good and final outcome (when you look back at all I will do with you).” (Jer. 29:11) “Watch and see what the Lord will say to you. Write down what I (the Lord) will show you. The vision is for an appointed time. You will see in the end it will be true. Though it tarries (seems slow) wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not be late.” (Habakkuk 2:1-3)
 If you are a “hidden one,” you are in good company. God has a dream, a vision, a prophetic word and a plan for you. Do whatever He shows you to do (like those we read about in the Bible), trust Him that He will work in you in these two ways both to desire and also to do His good pleasure. Then one day, no matter what you see now, you will look back and know that God did all that He desired with you and you will be fully satisfied. If you are hungry to be used more and dissatisfied because you want to see more just keep telling the Lord your heart and how you feel. Should you take it upon yourself to get out there and do more? Maybe you have tried many times before. Should you “make it happen” and ask the Lord to bless your efforts? The Lord has to show us what to do. Winners at the Olympics work hard and do not give up. But each of us must do what the Lord tells us to do, unless the Lord builds the house we labor in vain who build it. If you have tried again and again and things have not fully worked out yet, never stop believing in the dreams God has put in your heart. How do we know they are God’s dreams and not our own wishes and desires? God will show us. We are His sheep and we will know His voice. He will lead us as to when to keep trying and when it is time to wait. Knowing His voice, seeing clearly His dreams for us, and knowing what we are to do is the trust walk and the rest in Him we are called to, whether we are working or waiting or a combination of both as each day requires.

The Lord be with you all, we are His “precious ones,” He has begun a good work in us and he will finish it.



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