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Flee from Babylon-Quotes

Posted: 2010-12-26 13:26:02 by: David Nelson

The Lord is sending messengers to his Church to let them know what he is thinking and what he wants to say to those who have an ear to hear. It says in the Word that God does nothing unless he reveals it to his prophets first. The Church does not fully understand the offices of prophet and apostle for our day, who may travel from city to city and not reside permanently in one church. What do we do with this re-emergence of the true prophet and the true apostle? Either we are taught to be afraid of them and insulate ourselves from them or we must be taught to be close enough to God so that we know his voice when we hear it. All of God’s people, from the least to the greatest, must know the Lord for themselves and know his voice when they hear it. Everyone should know when a false prophet speaks and when a true prophet speaks, not just the pastor.

The Babylon spirit has come into the Church. God is not pleased with this and so his glory is not manifesting as he desires. If you do read all or part of this book you will hopefully feel the heartbeat of God and his call to come out of Babylon. I am not saying to leave your church but you must do whatever you need to do to bring true revival to your own life and church…

            From David Nelson's book, Flee from Babylon (see Shop PMI tab)


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