Leaving Earth's Gravity-Quotes
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Leaving Earth's Gravity-Quotes

Posted: 2010-12-26 13:16:58 by: David Nelson

We need to escape the gravity of this earth.

Much of the Church are ground birds that cannot fly. They peck along the ground and seldom look up for higher things. It takes a lot of energy to flap your wings hard and get the thrust you need to break the hold this earth has on us and get up in the air and soar where the eagles fly. We are so busy, even with what we consider “Christian things.” Our appointment books are full. Our lives are really full of worldly things, love for the world and (our own ideas) of what God wants us to do. To break free of the gravity of this world takes a considerable effort to hear and see and do only what he says. With our appointment books empty to see only “what the Father is doing” and hear only “what the Father is saying” and do nothing in our own authority or of our own ideas will take a radical change in our way of living. All errands, our own ideas about ministry, our own works “for the Lord”, our business, our activities, our recreations, our free and relaxing times, our “must do” lists must be given over to the Lord so that we will be completely led by the Spirit 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We must be comfortable in his world when really his world is much more foreign to us than we know, and also we are already comfortable in our world. (TV, work,errands, responsibilities, church activities, our own devotions, our own daily agendas, our tapes, CDs, Christian music, Christian television, teaching tapes, TV sermons, Christian books). These things can be good but sometimes the good gets in the way of the best, really knowing God personally for ourselves. Press into the Lord himself, learn the secret of living in prayer, living in his presence, and not being at home or comfortable in this world. When we really decide to make a radical effort to know God for ourselves and live in his world we will begin to leave the gravity and orbit of the earth and fly where the Lord lives, breathe his air and eat from his hand.

From David Nelson's book, Leaving Earth’s Gravity (see Shop PMI tab)


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