I read some great articles today and want to share them with you
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I read some great articles today and want to share them with you

Posted: 2010-07-14 14:35:04 by: David Nelson

I read some great articles today and want to share them with you 7-14-10  by David Nelson

The articles I read today have made me think and I want to share how they have struck me. I also want to share my heart with you about what the Lord has been saying in my heart and hopefully you will identify with all this. I'm going to be sharing about a great earthquake in the midst of the U.S., the wilderness you may be in, and what kind of church the Lord is looking for.
I read some verses the other day that have always been a mystery to me but through which I felt the Lord was trying to say something important to me. I want to share my heart about giving up more to follow Him (something that few (including myself at times) really want to do more unless you really hear the call of the Lord clearly). Now, I have made that plunge at various times in my life to the bet of my knowledge, to give up more to follow Him. But I feel the Lord is impressing this on me again. please know that I enjoy my life with various (hopefully innocent) hobbies that I am always ready to drop when the Lord calls or requires more of me. These hobbies I have enjoyed through the past 20 years I have always tried to put in the Lord's hands and have never wanted them to get a hold of my heart too much (where your treasure is there your heart is). I feel that the Lord has assured me that He gives these enjoyments for my pleasure and He will govern them with me. I've always tried to limit how far I will go in a hobby so as not to let it get my heart too much. The verses the Lord impressed on me are Matt. 6:22,23 which read, "The lamp of the body is the eye. if therefore your eye be single, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is evil, bad, or dark your whole body will be full of darkness." (You can drop down to my thoughts on the middle of the U.S. earthquake, or "your wilderness" if the single eye is not your interest, all though your eye being single relates to everything else below). So, if your heart be for the glory of God alone, focused on seeking Him and His kingdom first, then all you do will relate to your one goal and will bring glory to Him. But if you have hidden covetousness, self-seeking, greed, worldly goals, doing things for your own glory (down deep inside, these are your real motives) then what you do will take the wrong turns and lead you into more darkness.
The other day in prayer I felt the Lord say to me, don't go deeper into your hobbies now but desire to bring more glory to Me than ever before. More of His glory in me, more of His glory shining from me, more full of His light than ever before, I can only ask lord for you to help me to get to this. More singleness of eye, more full of His light. Well, give me grace and may He give us all grace for this. For what is coming will require more focus and more light as I will explain.
Now I am going to share the following articles written by others and make comments on them after you read them.

This is the latest post on my blog www.watchman2009.blogspot.com
Thursday, July 8, 2010
To Be A Disciple
Luke 14:33 - In the same way, any of you who does not give up everything he has cannot be my disciple.
This is a verse I have never heard preached on in any church. I have heard taught "How to get everything that is yours in Jesus", "How to claim your rights in Jesus", "How to receive God's promises", but I have never heard this verse expounded on in any church. Today's doctrines are all about how to get what we want from God, not about how we need to be obeying God's commands. Luke 14:33 is one of His commands many of you will have to obey in the near future.
Giving up everything I had is something the Lord has required me to do twice in the past 28 years, in 1984 and in 2005. Was it something I wanted to do? Heck no!! But it was what the Lord required of me. Even now, everything I own will fit in the front seat of my truck. Am I happy about it? Absolutely not! All the precious memories, all the pictures, all the letters, all the mementos, everything that was dear to me I had to give up. Do I miss those things? Yes, I do. Did it hurt to lose them? Yes. But I have learned to be content (not happy, but content) without all those things.
In the near future many of you will be required to leave virtually everything behind when you have to flee the cities before God's judgment falls upon them. Many of you will have to flee in the face of persecution and to avoid death when the foreign armies are occupying this nation and indiscriminately killing people. Some of you along the Gulf Coast will have to flee before the destruction that is almost upon that part of the country. You will have to leave behind all your precious treasures and just take the bare essentials with you. I am telling you this ahead of time so that you can begin to ponder these things and mentally and spiritually prepare yourselves to be able to leave everything behind. If you truly want to be His disciple, you will have to give up everything. If you do not, you will be so burdened down that you will never make it to the places of refuge.  
> From: prophetic@revivalschool.com
> To: anzac@welovegod.org
> Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 10:06:21 -0700
> Subject: [revival] THE WILDERNESS - How Important?
> -Andrew Strom.
> The 'wilderness' is not a concept that is understood too well in
> Christendom, despite the fact that it is all the way through the
> Bible. From the book of Genesis right through Revelation there
> are clear references to the 'wilderness' as being something God
> often employs in His dealings with men. The pattern is undeniable.
> When we look through the Scriptures we see that the wilderness
> is often a place of spiritual "crisis" and also preparation. It is the
> place God sends us before the "real action" begins - before we
> enter into the full purposes of God in our lives. There must be
> 'death' before there can be resurrection. There must be a desert
> place before the "promised land".
> The wilderness is a place of trial and testing, of brokenness and
> full surrender to God. The props and activities that have kept us
> continually striving to "make things happen" are stripped away.
> Our self-reliance is shattered and replaced with a total reliance on
> God alone. Every "idol" in our lives (often including our own ministry)
> is brought under the piercing searchlight of God. Our selfish motives
> and ambitions are shown for what they are. This process may take
> years. Finally we emerge broken, chastened and purified. The
> process has matured and cleansed us in so many ways. We are
> now ready for the fulfillment of all that God originally called us to
> do. But our heart-motives are vastly different from what they were
> before.
> We see this pattern all the way through Scripture. Many lessons
> can be learned from what we read there. Abraham, Joseph, Joshua,
> Moses, David, Elijah, John the Baptist, Paul the apostle - and even
> Jesus Himself - all had to go through this "wilderness" experience.
> Very often it lasted for years and years. Why then should we be
> surprised if it happens to us?
> Probably the best-known instance of a 'wilderness experience' in
> the Old Testament is the story of Moses and the children of Israel.
> Moses had been raised and trained all his life in the palaces of
> Egypt. But when he came face-to-face with his heritage as an
> Israelite, he rose up "in his own strength" and killed an Egyptian
> slave-driver. He was then forced to flee into the desert, where he
> was to spend 40 YEARS as a simple shepherd in the wilderness.
> What an enormous length of time! Imagine if every Christian leader
> had to spend that long in the wilderness before God would allow
> them to lead His people! It is almost impossible to imagine the
> depths of despair and "death" to all his dreams and hopes that
> Moses went through during this time. In fact, after 40 years it is
> hard to imagine anyone being "deader" to the usual ambitions
> and temptations of leadership than Moses would have been. And
> what PATIENCE these years of waiting must have produced in him!
> We see here the lengths that God will go to in the "preparation"
> of a leader "after His own heart." (-Though 40 years is unusually
> long). The isolation, the chafing, the crying out to God for deliverance
> - all play their part. Such an experience is almost irreplaceable.
> That is why God uses it so often. The hearts of driven men are so
> similar in so many ways, that God's "cure" becomes similar also!
> He will even shut us up in a kind-of 'prison' for a time so we cannot
> escape the process. It is that important. He does not want 'self'-
> oriented leaders shepherding his precious sheep.
> After his 40 years of preparation, Moses returned to Egypt at God's
> command to lead His people out of bondage. This was the beginning
> of the entire nation of Israels' wilderness experience. For when they
> left Egypt the only way to their "Promised Land" was through the
> desert. Some commentators say that in a straight line, their journey
> could have taken just a few weeks or less. But because of their
> disobedience and fear, the vast majority of those who left Egypt
> were destined to die in the desert, never reaching the Promised
> Land. In fact, their wilderness journey ended up taking 40 years!
> Now we need to take special note of this fact:- Not everyone who
> entered the wilderness survived it. In fact, multitudes perished there.
> The wilderness tried them and found them wanting. They went to
> the place of testing and failed the test. This is a pretty crucial fact
> to realize in our day also. Just because we are "called out" and
> enter a wilderness time, does not mean that we will embrace the
> dealings of God and respond appropriately. It is entirely possible
> to lose everything out there. These people lost out completely.
> Only their children came through to inherit the promises of God.
> How clearly we see this pattern over and over again - in both the
> Old Testament and the New:- That many whom God wants to one
> day use are sent into a place of aloneness and brokenness before
> being brought into their true destiny. We have not even mentioned
> heroes of God such as Noah, Jacob, Job and others who all had
> similar experiences. Part of this process lies in the "waiting" that
> takes place. Also, the fact that all the supporting 'props' are taken
> away. The "waiting" alone can be torture.
> The wilderness also deals with any fear of man or 'systemized'
> way of looking at things. God often uses it to bring a whole fresh
> perspective, which is very important for leaders who are going to
> be representing a "new" approach or facing opposition because of
> the confrontational words that they are bringing. The lonely desert
> years give them backbone to stand up to the crowd or the powers-
> that-be, and declare God's truth without compromise. They now
> truly fear God rather than man. And they think differently from
> others. The wilderness is vital for anyone who is wanting to bring
> fresh manna to God's people.
> Are you someone who has been going through such a "desert"
> experience, my friend? Be encouraged! Look up, for your deliverance
> draws nigh. God only ever sends His children through such
> experiences when there is a great purpose to it. Don't give up. Don't
> be cast down. On the other side lies a 'land of promise' if only you
> can hang on to Jesus. Be active, be praying, be prepared. Don't
> become "passive" and let the desert swallow you whole. Use this
> time to draw closer and closer to Jesus. Dig down and plant your
> feet firmly on the Rock. Humble yourself before the Lord and He
> will lift you up in due time - if only you can cling to Him.
> God bless you all.
> Andrew Strom.

.> "The PARADE"
> -Gary Bixler.
> We have been taught go gospel at all. Those of us who sit in the
> pews of our comfortable churches and live a life full of the fruits
> of self-indulgence and selfish goals and dreams. Those of us
> who name the Name of Christ as if we are His people, yet who
> bear none of the fruit of His Spirit, show none of His power,
> exhibit little of His love and holiness. We proclaim Christ and
> yet don't live Christ. We seek for Him and yet don't find Him.
> He is a foreigner to us, and a great mystery that we worship
> from afar, because we have been taught and followed no gospel
> at all.
> This gospel that is no gospel requires nothing. It is an easy gospel,
> full of the desire for a good life, full of desire for happiness and
> security, and prosperity. It is a gospel that says we are fine.
> That gives us license to enjoy our affluence...
> This gospel that is no gospel has led us down the wide way that
> leads to destruction. The vast crowd moves smoothly down the
> easy, wide boulevard, lined with trees, bright with sun, bands
> playing, kids holding balloons, clowns cavorting, drummers
> drumming and baton twirlers performing. This giant parade is
> self-propelled, well-orchestrated, and led by a charming group
> of men and women decked out in the finest uniforms.
> Behind the scenes there are skilled technicians, making sure every
> good view reaches the cameras, and every performer in this
> spectacular event is doing his job, so that the onlookers at home
> and in person can be entertained. There are security forces in
> plain-clothes, ready to quietly deal with any strange behavior or
> disruption, for the parade must go on, and uninterrupted by
> anything out of place or unseemly.
> This gospel that is no gospel is a spectator sport. It is a parade
> that is carefully prepared each week, by the best paid minds in
> the churches. Those with the talent to put it all together, and
> create the best show possible. They were hired by the attendees,
> the crowds, to please them and to earn their salaries by making
> sure that nothing goes wrong or is out of place. To create flow,
> and crowd dynamics, and to build everything around a theme
> that makes a great point. To achieve a synergy with music and
> word that works up to a climax that will bring the audience to its
> feet with new vitality and encouragement for the week ahead, so
> they can hold onto their gospel until the next parade.
> There are smaller parades on television so that the faithful can
> get their needed vitality and strength to go on even during the
> week. These shows are designed to fill in the gaps between the
> parade dates in their own hometowns. They are brightly lit sets
> with smiling people, and scripts that are full of this gospel that is
> no gospel. The viewers can watch people worshiping, and hear
> the parade music, performed by some of the very people who sing
> and dance in the real parades. Once in a while somebody tries
> to air a show that has another gospel, with some ugly and
> distasteful things in it, and preaches a lesser faith without as
> much positive in it, but these shows are quickly extinguished
> because they don't attract the viewers like the others. The ratings
> take care of that problem for the producers.
> Unfortunately, to their great future embarrassment, Jesus Christ,
> Lord of His Church, doesn't have time for parades. He also doesn't
> watch television. He's too busy for that.
> For Jesus is on Narrow Road, not Broadway. He is out along the
> minor highways and small streets, busy healing the brokenhearted,
> the sick, the blind and the lame. He is busy taking care of the
> lonely and the afflicted. He is busy spending time with His small
> groups of disciples, who are in genuine need of Him. He is with
> those who suffer, and are in prison, and are in pain, and on their
> knees in their anguish and need for Him. He is with those who
> follow Him every moment, and rely on His love and strength and
> the power of His Spirit to get them through the day. He is close
> to those crushed in spirit, and who have no showmanship or
> loveliness of their own to parade around.
> Christ is with those who need Him, not those who don't.
> For the faithful are mostly poor, and insignificant in the eyes of the
> world. The parade goes by many blocks away in their cities.
> They can hear the distant drums, and once in a while one of them
> ventures toward the parade, but security blocks them before they
> can ever get a glimpse, because they are not dressed right, and
> are obviously not part of the target market. They might turn on
> the television, and see one of the smaller parade shows, but it
> only makes them feel worse, as they aren't participating in that
> wonderful life, so they turn it off.
> The poor in spirit have only Jesus to be with them in this age of
> the parade. They hunger and thirst after righteousness, not after
> entertainment. They long for Christ, and to know the fellowship
> of His suffering, so they can know the joy and power of His
> resurrection in their lives. They carry a cross daily, which is the
> sign of Jesus' life in them, but which makes them quite unaccept-
> able and unattractive to the parade participants and crowds
> watching. That's why crosses were banned long ago from parades,
> though they are allowed as discreet display on buildings along
> the way.
> Jesus talks to many who are in the crowd, and some of the
> performers in the parade, but it is so hard for them to hear above
> the din of the bands and the constant entertainment. Distractions
> keep them occupied, and they go back to their easy, comforting
> verses and their easy, comfortable gospel that is no gospel.
> Jesus gives up and goes back to His lowly people on Narrow Road.
> The parade continues. Perhaps only when poverty, or sickness,
> or the terrors of war, or the tragedies of life strike, will the parade
> pause; and perhaps, if enough of these things occupy the crowds
> and the performers and the leaders of this parade, they will be
> spending too much time on their knees and crying out to God to
> have the parade one week. And then, perhaps they will not have
> it the next week. And then, Jesus may come by again, and draw
> near to them in their affliction and loneliness, and they will listen,
> and hear His voice of love and mercy and He will take them out
> to Narrow Road to join with others who are on the Way of Love.
> And they will be joyful in tribulation, and find power to live through
> suffering. And they will experience the Resurrection Power in their
> own lives, together with the faithful, and give up their parade life.
> Perhaps it is a choice to leave the parade, and to go it with Jesus.
> Few will find it, He said. Will you?
Prophetic Vision and Dream
Pastor Kilpatrick wants to share with his partners and friends the following vision and dream he had in April and May 2008. He has never posted a vision or dream on the internet, but after talking with some close friends, intercessors, as well as those in prophetic ministry he has agreed to do so. His intentions are not to alarm the Church or the public, but to forewarn us to pray concerning what he has seen. At this time, we do not have the full revelation or meaning of this vision and dream, but know that the Lord is trying to warn us and prepare us for the days ahead. Please help us pray to the Lord concerning this matter.
Sunday, April 27, 2008 - Vision
As I was approaching the Daphne Civic Center for Sunday morning service at Church of His Presence, I had a vision which lasted for about two or three seconds. In this vision, I saw the ground buckling before me. It was so real that I actually moved aside to avoid what I was seeing. I knew immediately that it was an earthquake, and the thought crossed my mind that the damages of this earthquake could have the potential to exceed those of Hurricane Katrina of 2005. Please understand that I am not saying that the Lord told me this. It merely crossed my mind.
Tuesday, May 20, 2008 - Dream
I awoke trembling and shaking at 5:00 in the morning after having a startling dream. This was one of the three most profound dreams that I have ever had during the ministry the LORD has called me to. I feel that this dream is an addendum to the vision I had on April 27, 2008.
In this dream I saw the words wind and water. I only saw the words but did not actually see any wind or water damage. I then found myself overlooking a river which instantly became so wide that I could no longer see either of its banks. The dream then shifted, and I was with one of my parishioners running through what appeared to be an old abandoned school house. This empty building began to shake. The shaking was so violent and severe that it was like the bucking of a wild horse tossing us around. My teeth were clapping so hard from the impact that I tried to clinch them to prevent this from happening. In this dream I knew I was experiencing a massive earthquake. The sounds were so catastrophic that the thought crossed my mind that the devastation could likely exceed Hurricane Katrina of 2005. I did not see the devastation behind me; I only heard it. In all of my life I have never heard such catastrophic sounds. These were the scariest sounds I have ever heard. The dream then shifted once more and concluded with two names on what appeared to be an old Spanish map. One name read Indianola and the other Europa. When I awoke, I was shaking as if I had chills and fever. I could not stop trembling. All through the day I felt as if I had just had the dream 10 minutes ago.
This dream so shook me that my wife and I immediately went to the internet to do some research. I also contacted some close friends in the ministry and reliable intercessors concerning this dream. What we found was startling. There are towns called Indianola, IL, Europa, MO, and Indianola, MS. These towns run in a line from North to South with Europa, MO being near the middle of them. The Mississippi River runs between them with Europa, MO being by the epicenter of the New Madrid fault. After seeing this, I believe the dream could be concerning a devastating earthquake on the New Madrid fault. Many reputable friends in ministry have felt that this dream was not to be interpreted as a spiritual dream because they felt that it has literal implications. Even now, two days later the intensity of this dream is the same.
I do not want to come across as an alarmist concerning what I saw. I also don't want to put fear in the public or the Body of Christ. However, I cannot help but feel that God gave me this as warning to prepare us for the days ahead and to pray concerning this matter. Please know that I did not see any time frame as to when this may happen. Please pray with me concerning this vision and dream. If you have any comments, you can send them to watch@churchofhispresence.orgAbout the time Pastor Kilpatrick was having the above vision I spoke with a watchman friend who told me he had just had a vivid dream:
There will be an enormous earthquake somewhere along the New Madrid Fault line. A mighty angel has been holding this fault line together also.
Six great cities will be destroyed. Among them are Chicago, Morgan City, St. Louis and Memphis. Memphis will become a lake. The Mississippi River will be 35 miles wide when it is all over. The shaking will be felt all the way to Charlotte, North Carolina. Water from the Great Lakes will flow south into the Mississippi River and then into the Gulf of Mexico.
The attached document is a rough guideline of the dividing line between the two half of our nation mostly to identify the locations that would be affected. Blessings to you all and it is my sincere desire and prayer that you will consider this a matter of importance.
Now comments again by David Nelson.
Do you see how all of the above subjects relate? Be careful about increasing in your hobbies and enjoyments now, keep poised for something coming that will pull the rug out from everyone and all your toys will seem insignificant in the light of now following the Lamb wherever He is leading. We must be ready for whatever the Lord has for us to do and be willing to walk away from everything at a moments notice with our hearts focused on the Lord (Go out from Sodom as Lot did, do not be like his wife, longingly looking back where her heart was).
The true gospel has to do with denying self, taking up your cross daily (what the Lord is calling you to do), and following Him, being free from worldly clutter and weights, dragging your heart farther from the lord and slowing you down. You are part of an elite unit of the Lord that the world and the "church" don't like or understand. If you are in the wilderness you are with the lord, you are where He is, you are where He can strip away everything and you just hear His voice, He wants to purge you of all selfish motives that you don't even know are there and it will be painful at times when all you thought was valuable is stripped away (even ideas of your own ministry). He will get you where He wants if you stay where He is and keep looking to Him to show you "what's next?" (I have a chapter in "Desiring One Thing" entitled "Into the Wilderness" (chapter 1))
Concerning what church to go to in your area? (people write me in e-mails and ask me if there is a good, spiritual, prophetic church in our area). How do I answer this? We at Prophetic Ministry are gathering in Des Moines, Iowa every Sunday evening at 7:00 P.M. We do not have 3 fast songs, 3 slow songs, and then a sermon. We are open to whatever the Lord wants, everyone who comes is free to share, every gathering is different, it is not a big show that will WOW you. We just want the Lord, is will, His blessings to come, His presence, His fire to come. If He doesn't do it, we don't do it. He has to bring in the fire. We are just available to do the kind of gathering He leads and creates. Are others doing this? To me many others smack more of "let's do our best until the Lord shows up." Or "bless what we are doing, hopefully what we do was led and created by God." When the Lord causes something to happen at a meeting that was God-made not man-made you can see the difference. All we should want is 100 % God-made meetings. That's what we are going for. No songs, ne sermons, no nothing, just guide us Lord in our prayers, in our sharing, and in our hearing His Word. let people share as the Holy Spirit moves them. Are other churches really doing this? Not too much that I see, people want more excitement and hoopla. Let's have meetings that see what He wants and Let the Lord guide them.
Hope you are as encouraged as I was by all of the above articles. Bless you my brothers and sisters!

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