Suffering and "faith" message
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Suffering and "faith" message

Posted: 2009-08-28 13:35:32 by: David Nelson

The New and Old Testaments teach more about suffering and not that everything is going to go well for us all the time. The “faith” message  gives the idea that we can control our circumstances. Going through hard things deepens our character and makes the gold of our faith purer through various sufferings. A deeper joy will come from the firing of our gold. Not just a shallow happiness of “all good times” but a deep joy that everything (good and bad) works together to make us what He wants us to be. (there will be times of fire and times of rich blessings too). People are being deceived when they are told that they can control all circumstances with their words or their faith. Things do happen to us ordained by God in which we must keep our eyes upon God and keep trusting in Him even when hard things do not go away.


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