The Call of a Revivalist by Tina Dyer
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The Call of a Revivalist by Tina Dyer

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-by Tina Dyer.
I will attempt to help you understand the call as a revivalist. When
we look at others who have gone before us, it can help us with
where we find ourselves currently. Though we see through a glass
darkly, it still helps to catch just a glimpse of what we are going
through. We could be called "forerunners" or revivalists or "reformers"....
It can be seen as one who runs in front of the crowd. One who will
search out the best path for others who will soon follow. One who
will be the first to encounter un-plowed territory or land. Your vision
or perspective will be vastly different from others as your eyesight
will see from a completely different vantage point.You are much
like the "Pioneers" of old who headed west in search of new land
to settle in. They had to trail blaze through uninhabited land to
make a way for others to cross with ease. They were "way
makers" and "visionaries". What kept them pressing forward was
a dream, a dream that held great promise of a better land in which
to settle and grow strong roots.
This fire placed within you was placed there by the Lord of Glory
Himself. Knowing this is from Him will help us to continue in the
journey though many obstacles will be encountered. We press for
the mark of the high calling of Christ.
The cost is great. It could cost you everything you and then some.
You will be frequently misunderstood, rejected, slandered,
ridiculed, mocked, condemned, betrayed and left by your closest
loved ones. The greatest pain will come from those that you love
the most. It will come from friends who you thought to be faithful.
This walk is indeed very lonely. But yet He is asking, "Will you
follow Me as I lead?"
I can only pray that your answer will be " Yes, Lord, let it be unto
me, according to Your will".
Brokeness will be a requirement. He will insist upon it. To be a
vessel fit for His glory to reside and for Him to trust you,
brokenness must come. There will come a time when one will
begin to accept the refiner's fire and actually ask for more of it.
Those who have been given the revelation of just how precious
that refinement is, knowing that it is bringing us forth as gold. I
liken this brokenness to the story of Mary who sat at the feet of
Jesus as the pharisees rebuked her. She took the bottle of
alabaster and BROKE the bottle and the seal so that she could
anoint her beloved Jesus with her most precious gift. She wiped
His feet with her tears as she poured out her love to Him. Beloved,
YOU are that bottle that needs to be broken. When broken, the
fragrance of that brokeness will be so glorious before the Lord that
it will rise to His nostrils and be most pleasing in His sight.
The breaking brings forth humility and a contrite spirit which is of
great worth in the sight of the King. Continual resistance from
outside forces will only cause you to push in that much closer to
the Lord. To remain stagnant would be like death to a revivalist.
For it is built within them an internal push that cannot remain still.
Mundane routines are very hard for them to endure. For a fire is
blazing within them, the fire of a revivalist.
Like the pioneers of old, they will encounter great difficulty. Some
included impassable mountains, dense brush, severe weather,
sickness and disease, wild animals, hunger and thirst as well as
enemies. You can be certain there was much fighting in the ranks.
It would take a strong leader to endure through it all. The pioneers'
battles were mostly in the natural but what drove them to succeed
was a dream. Our battle will occur in the mind, the natural and in
the spiritual realm. But always keep in mind that the King of Kings
goes before you and will light your path. If He is for us, who can be
against us? He never said this walk would be easy. He only said,
pick up your cross and follow Me. He is still saying that today.
May our spirit be quick to say, "Yes Lord, I will follow You
wherever You lead".
Hallelujah to the King.......
The Lord will build His church and the gates of hell will not prevail
against it.


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