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Jan 12, 2012Happy New Year 2012!
Oct 12, 2011Fall Prophecy Gathering!
Oct 01, 2011The Life of God That Sustains Me and My Dreams
Sep 30, 2011A Message Burning In My Heart From The Lord
Sep 13, 2011"We Will Embrace Your Move" (lyrics by Darrell Evans)
Aug 25, 2011Let's Gather and Seek God for Revival
Jul 12, 2011A Prayer For Our Nation
Jun 26, 2011Time for a HEART check...
Apr 10, 2011US Federal Budget cutting...
Feb 24, 2011An Invitation to All for an Iowa Revival Gathering
Feb 11, 2011Happy Valentine's Day-2011
Dec 26, 2010Flee from Babylon-Quotes
Dec 26, 2010Leaving Earth's Gravity-Quotes
Nov 27, 2010Christmas Praise Luncheon
Nov 06, 2010What is happening to Christian Ethics?
Nov 06, 2010Americans Voted!!!
Nov 14, 2009Confession
Sep 23, 2009Local Teens are praying!
Aug 28, 2009Suffering and "faith" message
Aug 26, 2009Knowing Jesus
Jan 01, 1970Testing