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Oct 23, 2007God is about to deliver multiple births by Paulette Reed
Oct 23, 2007Are you ready to gather with others, are you ready to meet with the Lord? by David Nelson
Oct 07, 2007Chap. 6, What the World Needs to See, from "Desiring One Thing" book by David Nelson
Oct 02, 2007Prophetic Ministry News- October 2007
Sep 30, 2007Excerpts from Azusa Street by Frank Bartleman
Sep 29, 2007Some good quotes by Rick Joyner 8-13-07
Sep 18, 2007Introduction by David Nelson to "The Womb of Revival...."
Sep 12, 2007Desiring One Thing by David Nelson-Chapter 4-Book
Sep 10, 2007Excerpts from "Everything is Upside Down" letter written to Marc White
Sep 10, 2007Excerpts from "An Underworld Conspiracy" by Annie Schisler
Sep 10, 2007An Encouraging Word for the end of Summer-2007 by David Nelson (plus comments on two articles)
Sep 02, 2007Heaven or Hell--It's not too late--True Stories!
Aug 30, 2007"My Child" by Joyce C. Lock
Aug 25, 2007Poetry by Amanda Lynn Crooms
Aug 22, 2007Summertime 2007!
Aug 22, 2007Prophetic Ministry News-November 2007
Aug 09, 2007Excerpts from an article by Al Thomas (additional thoughts by David Nelson)
Aug 04, 2007Prophetic Ministry News- August 2007
Aug 01, 2007NEW CHRISTIANS-Basics of Discipleship-True Repentence-Part 2-by David Nelson
Aug 01, 2007Word for submission, sent to us by Sharon Luzzi
Jul 31, 2007God's Call to Come Up Higher by David Nelson
Jul 31, 2007Two articles by Jan Grace with comments by David Nelson following
Jul 31, 2007The Knitting of Our Hearts by David Nelson-Booklet
Jul 25, 2007We Are Surrounded By A Host Of Heroes Of The Faith Who Stand With Us And Who Agree With Us by David Nelson
Jul 25, 2007The State of the Church, Parts I and II by Gloria Moore with comments following by David Nelson
Jul 25, 2007"I just had TWO OF THE MOST POWERFUL Rick Joyner
Jul 25, 2007Comments by David Nelson following Rick Joyner article
Jul 10, 2007"Love Letters" Part I by Sharon Luzzi
Jul 10, 2007"Love Letters" Part II by Sharon Luzzi
Jul 10, 2007Comments by David Nelson on "Love Letters" I and II by Sharon Luzzi
Jul 10, 2007Dream of the Migrant Workers by Bryan Hupperts
Jul 04, 2007NEW CHRISTIANS-Basics of Discipleship-Spiritual Warfare-Part 1-by David Nelson
Jun 28, 2007STRONG Christian Evangelism Quotes!
Jun 26, 2007Chapter 5 Corporate Revival (from book "Desiring One Thing" by David Nelson)
Jun 26, 2007How to "Rally the Troops" Part II by David Nelson
Jun 12, 2007How to "Rally the Troops"? by David Nelson with article by James Smith
Jun 04, 2007Revival and Prayer Quotes
Jun 03, 2007A New Breed of Modern Preachers by Greg Gordon
May 08, 2007A Breath of Love by Cheri Henderson - May
May 07, 2007The World's Intoxicating Bowl
May 07, 2007Intro by D. Nelson regarding "The Call" to Nashville 7-7-07 by Lou Engle
May 07, 2007"I want Fame and Fortune" by David Nelson
May 03, 2007Journal Excerpts (May)
Apr 30, 2007The Lord Welcomes Us into His Throne Room by David Nelson
Apr 03, 2007Easter-April 2007
Apr 03, 2007Hesed, His Lovingness by David Nelson
Mar 31, 2007Would you like a friend like this? by David Nelson
Mar 31, 2007Keep "human kindness" alive! by David Nelson
Mar 20, 2007Prophetic Ministry News- March 2007
Mar 04, 2007NEW LIFE through JESUS-March