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Nov 06, 2010What's Happening to Christian Ethics?
Nov 06, 2010Americans Voted!!!
Oct 27, 2010Vote--It's Important!
Oct 20, 2010Sorry that our live internet program did not air 10-17-10
Oct 20, 2010"He is Making Us Ready, Luke 1:17" (New Book 9-14-10)
Oct 19, 2010Comments by David Nelson on Andrew Strom's article 9-28-10
Sep 25, 2010Live Internet program news
Sep 02, 2010Live Internet program every Sunday
Sep 02, 2010Prophetic Word from Germany
Jul 14, 2010I read some great articles today and want to share them with you
Jun 23, 2010The One Good Path
May 05, 2010The Army that is Growing Every Day
Apr 07, 2010"Separate Ministries"
Apr 02, 2010I Serve a Risen Savior!
Mar 27, 2010Don't Forget-RSVP!
Mar 03, 2010When the Lord Departs and We Do Not Know It
Feb 17, 2010A Message That Has A Bite To It...
Feb 17, 2010Earthquake in the Church
Feb 17, 2010The Missing Ingredient
Feb 02, 2010The Love of the Father in Us
Dec 25, 2009The Suffering of the Saints and the "Prosperity Teaching"?
Dec 25, 2009God Uses Afflictions to Make Us Better
Dec 25, 2009Dream of a Mansion
Dec 01, 2009The Flow of Fire
Nov 18, 2009A Word for 2009/2010 , Connecting People, Raising the Standard
Oct 27, 2009Is it not one of God's great goals to build a Church?
Oct 23, 2009"So You Don't Want to Go to Church Anymore" Comments and Quotes
Sep 23, 2009Excerpts and Prophetic words from "Surviving the Depression--The Shaking Has Begun"
Sep 23, 2009Excerpts from "Finding Organic Church"
Aug 18, 2009Introduction and Comments by David Nelson for the writing by Clifford Hilbert
Aug 18, 2009The Destruction of the USA
Jul 18, 2009Hosting a Move of God in Your Area
Jun 09, 2009What Does The Lord Want? by David Nelson
May 13, 2009Revival in Every City
Apr 29, 2009A Standard of Truth is Rising Up
Apr 29, 2009Fire and Revival
Apr 09, 2009Christ Arose
Apr 01, 2009Fresh Bread from the Heart of God
Mar 17, 2009Bible Prophecies
Mar 09, 2009Fire and Revival
Mar 07, 2009PM Iowa Website UNDER CONSTRUCTION
Feb 28, 2009 MORE prophetic writings in the ARCHIVES!
Feb 28, 2009Excerpts from "Reimagining Church"
Feb 28, 200915 minute Prophetic word to the world and the Church
Feb 27, 2009Excerpts from "Your Christ is Too Small"
Jan 27, 2009Excerpts from "A Statement and Appeal Regarding Lakeland"
Jan 26, 2009Excerpts from "The Saint Must Walk Alone" by A.W. Tozer
Jan 17, 2009Excerpts from "Visions Beyond the Veil" by H.A. Baker